Muevete Muevete Barena

Muevete Muevete Barena was a didactic happening produced by We Are Here Venice that took place in Venice from Palazzo delle Zattere (V-A-C Foundation) to Campo Santo Stefano. 60 venetian children (fifth grade of Scuola Elementare B. Canal) were invited to realize a festive parade bringing with them a 30-meters long “anti-mimetic” textile support with […]


Insurrezione Antimimetica Lagunare

Insurrezione Antimimetica Lagunare was an attempt to raise questions born out of the venetian mistreatment of its ecosystem, revolving around a number of intertwined ecological and sociopolitical issues. The shirts –  central element of the project – are inspired by the barena, a kind of floating island or a micro-ecosystem that today covers only the […]



Atensión! is a bill posting campaign made mobile thanks to hand-made carts made with recycled materials, developed by Barena Bianca, supported and produced by We are here Venice. Four specific messages regarding the survival of Venice and its Lagoon will be circulated during the sparkling period of the Art Biennale. Barena Bianca processed historical data […]