Atensión! is a bill posting campaign made mobile thanks to hand-made carts made with recycled materials, developed by Barena Bianca, supported and produced by We are here Venice. Four specific messages regarding the survival of Venice and its Lagoon will be circulated during the sparkling period of the Art Biennale.
Barena Bianca processed historical data of various negative trends associated with the Venetian Lagoon since the XVII Century,transforming the information into abstractimages colour gradients – via special software. Four statistical sources and four posters in which each phase of the gradient corresponds to a value that intersects the others, forming shades of color that become more or less intense depending on the proportions of the represented data.
Each poster sets a dialogue between quantitative data and a phrase by great thinkers of the past, in an unsetting mirrored image of the romantic projection of poets and philosophers that gets distorted into the scientific and statistical observation of the future both in Venice and globally in the age of Anthropocene and climate’s Great Acceleration.
The work is by its nature versatile, leaning both on an installative and a performative side. A first performance, itinerating in the neighborhood of Castello, was held at the opening of the show “Supermercato” at the Serra dei Giardini of Venice, contemporary to the 58. Art Biennale.