Bio & CV

Barena Bianca collective (Fabio Cavallari and Pietro Consolandi) was formed in the Summer of 2018 as a shirtwearing activist group in the Venetian Lagoon, striving to bring to light many of its ecological and sociological issues, adopting the Barena (typical venetian salt marsh, essential to the survival of the city) as its emblem. Barena Bianca is characterized by an anti-mimetic poetic approach, a willingly dysfunctional camouflage, refusing to disappear. It seeks to emerge in every situation, to be clearly visible, increasingly impossible to ignore. Its work mostly happens in public spaces and formalizes in hybrid collaborative actions, installations and happenings communicated mainly through video.

Ła baréna ła xé na spesie de ixołéta, o megio na tera, che ła xé saltà fora traverso procesi de sedimentasion, drénto na laguna. Ła ga infati na tera conposta par de più de crea e paltan. Sto tipo de teritorio el xé parécio comun ‘nte ła laguna de Venesia de ca qual el xé el 8%, anca se al prinsipio del XX sècoło el gera almanco del 25%.
(Anonymous Venetian – Wikipedia)


– Selected artists for WE ARE OCEAN Venice, curated by ARTPORT_making waves


Torno subito ma meglio, group show curated by We Are Here Venice and Eleonora Sovrani in the streets of Venezia

Atensión! – The Art and Science of Saving Venice, solo show at the Center for Languages, Culture and Communication, Imperial College London


The Current II, Summer School by Ocean Space, Venezia

– Atensiòn! shown at Laguna Viva, V-A-C Foundation, Venezia

Supermercato, group show at La Serra Dei Giardini, Venezia

Barena Primavera-Estate, children workshop at Certosa island, Venezia

Life of Water, talk curated by Touchstones, part of the group show Alive in the Universe, Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, Venezia

– Participation at Zoographer, part of ‘DK Zattere’, Venezia


Cultural Connectors Forum, screening at The Happenstance, Scotland Pavilion at 16th Architecture Biennale, Palazzo Zenobio, Venezia

Muevete Muevete Barena, children workshop at V-A-C Foundation Zattere, Venezia

Territori Mobili: Imparare dall’acqua,workshop by Elena Mazzi and Paolo Garbolino, IUAV University, Venezia