Insurrezione Antimimetica Lagunare

Insurrezione Antimimetica Lagunare was an attempt to raise questions born out of the venetian mistreatment of its ecosystem, revolving around a number of intertwined ecological and sociopolitical issues. The shirts –  central element of the project – are inspired by the barena, a kind of floating island or a micro-ecosystem that today covers only the 8% of the Lagoon, compared to the 25% of a century ago, due to the erosion of our environment.  Our actions were antimimetic; a dysfunctional camouflage directly extracted from aerial photographs of the barene and tied to the Lagoon’s hunters. It is impossible to blend in the Venetian tourist crowds through this absurd device, unsuited to our times. The shirt becomes a symbol of a resilient heritage, impossible to erase and therefore marginalized. The project adopts a performative nature, complemented by a political statement and several actions in the public space. 

photo credits: Alessio Graldi