Muevete Muevete Barena

Muevete Muevete Barena was a didactic happening produced by We Are Here Venice that took place in Venice from Palazzo delle Zattere (V-A-C Foundation) to Campo Santo Stefano. 60 venetian children (fifth grade of Scuola Elementare B. Canal) were invited to realize a festive parade bringing with them a 30-meters long “anti-mimetic” textile support with a pattern realized from the Barene in Campalto. Refusing to surrender to exploitative logics leading to ecological and sociological downfall, fighting not to disappear, the autochthonous kids – almost an exotic species to tourists and visitors, who live Venice as a dead city and open-air museum – gave life to a metaphorical mythical animal of the lagoon appearing in a crossway of Venice’s touristic center (North to Rialto, East to San Marco) Once in Campo Santo Stefano, three big collective drawings were realized by the children, portraying elements of the venetian lagoon with chalks in frames composed by the Barena squares through a deconstruction and reconstruction of the textile.